12 VDC Crock Pot test

I like using my crock pot on occasion. When at a truck stop I saw a 12VDC crock pot. What the heck. Yesterday I decide to test it out and make chili. 1lb, chopped meat, can of pinto beans, can diced tomatoes, red wine and chili mix . I plugged the crock pot into my Arkpak . Set and forget.

After six hours the temp was 170F and and the battery was at 11.9 volts and 50%. At that point, I plugged in the battery. At the 8 hour mark the temp was just over 200F and ready to eat.

I stirred the chili three times during the cooking process. I also did the test in my garage so the air temp was in the 50’s. I could have done the same thing on my pressure cooker in 20 minutes. I can see using the crock pot in a base-camp situation when one would want to dig in to something after a day exploring.


.img_20170115_130904050 img_20170115_132405009_hdr12v-slow-cooker img_20170115_211647486 img_20170115_225838826 img_20170115_225905664 img_20170116_004823884


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  1. J.R.

    I got to try this for the Nachos with Fresh Jalapenos.


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