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My Big Bend article in Toyota Trails magazine.

I had an article I wrote on a trip to Big bend National Park published in the latest issues of Toyota Trails.

Part One

Part Two


Hope you enjoy them.




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My Big Bend trip article in Toyota Trails Magazine

I had an article I wrote on a trip to Big bend National Park publish in the latest issue of Toyota Trails.   The next issue will have part two in Big Bend ranch Ranch State park, TX.

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Land Cruiser Heritage Museum Salt Lake City, Utah

While in SLC today, we stopped to visit the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum.  The collection is breathtaking.  Kyle met us and answered some questions . His knowledge was extensive and I learned a couple of new things.

If in SLC, this museum is a must see even if not a Land Cruiser aficionado.  Below is from the official website.

Greg Miller has always loved Land Cruisers. In his words, “When I’m in a Land Cruiser, I’m usually in a place I love, with people I love, doing what I love.” For many years, Greg has been collecting historically significant Land Cruisers and adding them to his collection.  Greg also outfitted several 78 series Land Cruisers and took them on a journey around the world, driving them on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

When Greg realized that Toyota did not maintain a museum to celebrate the history of his favorite vehicle, the idea to create a museum of his own both as a place to display his collection and as a way to celebrate Land Cruiser heritage started to form in his mind.

The museum began in a specially designed building at the former Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, but moved to Salt Lake City in 2015 where it is more accessible to guests who wish to visit and explore.

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum is designed for those who share a passion for these remarkable vehicles. Within the walls of the museum rare and classic Land Cruisers are carefully preserved while their stories are shared.

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum houses what is believed to be the world’s most diverse collection of Land Cruisers. Models range from a beautifully patina’d 1953 Toyota Jeep to a pristine 200 series. You’ll see 20 series, 40 series, 55s, 60 series, 70 series, 80s, 90 series, 100s, a 105 and many other rare “cousins” of the Land Cruiser, including a Delta mini-Cruiser, Blizzards, a PX-10, and Mega-Cruisers. You’ll see the first Land Cruiser sold in the United States, the first (and only) four-wheeled vehicle to traverse all seven continents, and more.

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, just six minutes from the Salt Lake International airport. Our address is 470 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101  M-F 0800-1700

Contact Information:

Dan Busey – 505.615.5470
Kyle Patten – 801.717.6017






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Emergency signaling kit

The only downside to traveling to beautiful remote places is the lack of help should an emergency arise. The other issue some don’t think much about is how are the rescuers going to find you?
I have thought about that and put together this kit for just a situation. Note: This is a signaling kit not a survival kit.
From left to right is a flare gun. With an insert, this gun shoots commonly available 12 ga flares. I know there are other smaller flare guns but I like this one. I also carry several spare flares.
Next are some smoke generators. These are very useful to allow a helicopter to read the wind when landing.
I have a Breitling Emergency watch. This watch has an emergency transmitter on 121.5 GUARD frequency . With the In Reach device, this watch is now a backup
The In Reach device, working on the Iridium satellite constellation, is a two way text messenger as well as a SOS device. Turning on the SOS feature will send a signal to GEOS Worldwide, LTD .
GOES is an independent emergency response organization headquartered outside of Houston, Texas. Their high-tech underground facility is the central component in their International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). That facet of their operation is somewhat self explanatory. When GEOS receives a distress call, their IERCC department swings into action to coordinate an immediate and appropriate response. Sounds simple enough, but what does that actually mean?
A subcontractor of SPOT and Delorme, GEOS is tasked with receiving inbound distress calls, determining their location, then initiating the dispatch of emergency resources known to service that location. To achieve this end, GEOS maintains a database of local first-responder assets in over 130 countries and maintains an on-call translator service to facilitate communications in more than 200 languages. GEOS also maintains a large network of offices around the globe in Perth, Marrakech, Paris, London, New York, San Jose, and Los Angeles.
You can read more here.

All so included is a VS-17 signaling panel, strobe light , whistle , space blanket, GPS and fire starter round out the kit.

The VS-17 panel is a military surplus signalling panel that is a bright florescent orange and pink colors.

The strobe light is another military item SDU-5 . This strobe has  a battery conversion to use civilian batteries and also  has an IR filter for visibility at night if rescuers are using night vision. Both the panel and and strobe are widely available on line.

Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to take out to double of what I have to nothing at all.


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5 VDC USB to 12 VDC

The new  lithium-ion mini jump-starters on the market  are a convenient way to have a jump pack and power supply  stored in your vehicle.

Most of these fit nicely in a glove compartment or center console.  In addition to having clamps for jumping a car battery,these battery packs have USB ports and some have  adapters for a laptop .

One item missing is a female cigarette plug .  While most electronics use some sort of USB interface for power there are still some that use a cigarette plug.

A simple Internet search revealed a 5VDC USB to  12VDC cigarette plug.

A quick test with my Fluke and sure enough  there is 12 VDC.    This will be perfect for using my XM portable radio out at the camp site .


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12 VDC Crock Pot test

I like using my crock pot on occasion. When at a truck stop I saw a 12VDC crock pot. What the heck. Yesterday I decide to test it out and make chili. 1lb, chopped meat, can of pinto beans, can diced tomatoes, red wine and chili mix . I plugged the crock pot into my Arkpak . Set and forget.

After six hours the temp was 170F and and the battery was at 11.9 volts and 50%. At that point, I plugged in the battery. At the 8 hour mark the temp was just over 200F and ready to eat.

I stirred the chili three times during the cooking process. I also did the test in my garage so the air temp was in the 50’s. I could have done the same thing on my pressure cooker in 20 minutes. I can see using the crock pot in a base-camp situation when one would want to dig in to something after a day exploring.


.img_20170115_130904050 img_20170115_132405009_hdr12v-slow-cooker img_20170115_211647486 img_20170115_225838826 img_20170115_225905664 img_20170116_004823884

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FJ-60 Side Table

I often thought that having an easy to set up table would be handy on short trips for lunch as well as many other uses like cocktail hour.

I was daunted by what wood to use. I had thought of plywood, but even treated I was afraid of the plywood de-laminating over time. I also thought plywwod would be heavy.  I knew Tembo Tusk used bamboo on their tables. The bamboo wood would be weather resistant and not too heavy.

I did a search and found a company that made what I was looking for but  at $495.00 I knew I could do better.

I had made couple of small sidetables for my M-416 so I knew what parts I needed.  The question now was where to find a piece of bamboo wood for the table. My friend Kirk come up with the answer when prowling  Walmart for bargins.  In the hardward section was a top for a toolbox a bamboo top and the perfect size.

Not being satisfied with Walmarts low low prices I went to Amazon and found the same top for less and two day shipping.

I was able to make the whole project  for less than $100.00 ;much better than $495.00.

The rail fit naturally into a groove on the rear quarter panel of my FJ-60. Any flat surface on a vehicle will do.  I used HD double sided tape to affix the rail. It has been a couple of months and the tape is holding well so no need for screws.yet. The height is perfect for a stand-up table  and sets up in a moment. I have found that after driving,  a quick rinse with water will help the two rails mate easily.

The parts list is below and cheers.
Side table kit

Bamboo table top

Table kit

Table Kit

Table top

Table top


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