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Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser

During the summer of 2018, my wife and I embarked on an Alaska trip. We thought we’d be gone about four weeks.  92 days, two trips to the Arctic Ocean  and 13,000 miles later we made it home in late August.

While on the trip, I was contacted,  via Instagram , by the editor of TCT magazine and asked if I would  write an article about the trip.   Below are the links to the articles.

I hope you enjoy them and welcome your comments.

Arctic Adventures Part One

Arctic Adventures Part Two

Arctic Adventures Part Three



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Our trip to Deadhorse AK in TCT Magazine


My latest article ,on our trip to Deadhorse Alaska was just published in TCT magazine.

This past summer , my wife ,Lisa and I spent three months and 13,000 miles  traveling to Alaska and Canada .  This article highlights our drive to Deadhorse Alaska on the famous Dalton Highway

I hope you enjoy the article and welcome your comments.

Just click on the below link  and enjoy.


I look forward to your comments.



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