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Arctic Adventure in a Vintage Land Cruiser Part Three TCT Magazine

Part three of the series Arctic Adventures in a vintage Land Cruiser is now live on TCT magazine.

We continue our trip through Alaska and Canada and head back beyond the Arctic Circle.

I hope you enjoy the article ,and welcome your comments.  The article starts on page 24.

Arctic Adventures Part three

those of you who missed parts one and two the links below will take you to the articles.

Part one:  Arctic Adventures Part One

Part two: Arctic Adventures Part Two


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Emergency signaling kit

The only downside to traveling to beautiful remote places is the lack of help should an emergency arise. The other issue some don’t think much about is how are the rescuers going to find you?
I have thought about that and put together this kit for just a situation. Note: This is a signaling kit not a survival kit.
From left to right is a flare gun. With an insert, this gun shoots commonly available 12 ga flares. I know there are other smaller flare guns but I like this one. I also carry several spare flares.
Next are some smoke generators. These are very useful to allow a helicopter to read the wind when landing.
I have a Breitling Emergency watch. This watch has an emergency transmitter on 121.5 GUARD frequency . With the In Reach device, this watch is now a backup
The In Reach device, working on the Iridium satellite constellation, is a two way text messenger as well as a SOS device. Turning on the SOS feature will send a signal to GEOS Worldwide, LTD .
GOES is an independent emergency response organization headquartered outside of Houston, Texas. Their high-tech underground facility is the central component in their International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). That facet of their operation is somewhat self explanatory. When GEOS receives a distress call, their IERCC department swings into action to coordinate an immediate and appropriate response. Sounds simple enough, but what does that actually mean?
A subcontractor of SPOT and Delorme, GEOS is tasked with receiving inbound distress calls, determining their location, then initiating the dispatch of emergency resources known to service that location. To achieve this end, GEOS maintains a database of local first-responder assets in over 130 countries and maintains an on-call translator service to facilitate communications in more than 200 languages. GEOS also maintains a large network of offices around the globe in Perth, Marrakech, Paris, London, New York, San Jose, and Los Angeles.
You can read more here. https://expeditionportal.com/what-happens-when-you-press-the-sos-button.

All so included is a VS-17 signaling panel, strobe light , whistle , space blanket, GPS and fire starter round out the kit.

The VS-17 panel is a military surplus signalling panel that is a bright florescent orange and pink colors.

The strobe light is another military item SDU-5 . This strobe has  a battery conversion to use civilian batteries and also  has an IR filter for visibility at night if rescuers are using night vision. Both the panel and and strobe are widely available on line.

Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to take out to double of what I have to nothing at all.


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