Overland Expo 2012

This was the second Overland Expo I attended and as with the first it was very well attended this year. So much so that extra camping space had to be opened up for the attendees.

We arrived to Mormon Lake , AZ  Thursday afternoon and quickly set up camp. After a couple of days on the trail we were ready to get cleaned up but there was a line for the three available showers.  Kirk spoke to someone who mentioned that we could get a shower in Flagstaff and since we needed to go to the hardware store we headed out to the Aquatic center for showers.

After three days on the trail, that $5.00 shower felt good and made me think of how grateful I am for even the smallest things.

It was a little breezy when we arrived but by  the time we got back the winds were terrible and it was getting cold.  The winds contuned unabated until Saturday. In addition to the winds , we endured low tempratures getting down to the 40’s at night.

As usual, the Expo was sensory overload with a plethora of vehicles, trailers and stuff.  The usual suspects were there such as Adventure trailers, Campa, Tembo Tusk , Equipt , Overland Gourmet, Snowpeak  and others.

Kevin of Waggongear was there with his sweet FJ60 showcasing his latest inventions.  First was a front seat storage seat mount that tilts open to reveal storage compartments. Second was a opening side rear quarter window.  This ingenious system allows for accessing the rear cargo area via an opening window.  The latch opens   a knob that replaces the rear quarter panel marker light.

Jerry of Tembo Tusk was show casing his new camp tables.  These tables were designed to fit in a drawer system. Like his fridge systems these tables are a work of art.

After the dusty drive to the Expo dust penetrated everything making me re think my storage systems. The solution was to change my trusty Actions Packers and buy some Alu-Boxes and Watershed dry bags.  This should solve the dust problem.  I will post up how they work on the trip back.  I still need to figure out how to redo my kitchen box.

Equipt held a Maya End of the World Party and they really went all out with food and drink.

A plus to the event was the solar eclipse . We used a cardboard system to view  the event and a nice couple loaned us their special glasses to look directly into the sun. Truly an amazing experience.

All in all it was a good time. I met some great new people and had several compliments on my FJ60 and trailer.


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